Download Kanye West And Jay-Z’s ‘H.A.M.’ – What Do You Think?

Kanye ‘Runaway’ West and Jay-Z hooking up together in the south of France was never going to yield modest results, but this first collaboration from the pair makes most of the former’s twisted fantasy look like The xx. Setting a new standard for overblown, epic and brilliantly-ridiculous anthems, ‘H.A.M.’ employs a vaguely dubstep beat, intense choral warbling, digital effects straight out of Tron and an operatic coda alongside urgent quips about dick sucking and hard ass motherfuckers to majestic effect.

If I had to hazard a guess which camp it originated from I’d plump for Kanye’s. What do you think of the track? Does it bode well for their forthcoming album ‘Watch The Throne’ (out in March), or is it a step too far?


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In other news, pop opera singer Josh Groban followed up his recent Buzzcocks appearance with another foray into the world of comedy by singing the tweets of Kanye on Jimmy Kimmel last week.