Drake’s Reaction To David Blaine Spitting Out Frogs Is The Comic Relief We Need

He really, really wasn't into the magician's latest trick

Over the years, David Blaine has done many freaky things. He’s put an ice pick through his hand without making himself bleed. He’s lived in a glass box suspended over the Thames for 44 days without food. He’s cheated death and caught a bullet fired from a gun in his mouth. Still, that is not enough for the madcap magician.

On his US TV show David Blaine: Beyond Magic last night (November 15), he gathered Drake, comedian Dave Chapelle and basketball player Stephen Curry together to blow their minds. Blaine asks Chapelle to draw a creature that would fit in the palm of Drake’s hand. “If I drew little Meek Mills you’d be like ‘oh man’,” responds the comedian to much laughter, especially from Drizzy.

After ascertaining that, yes, frogs were part of the plague on Egypt in the Bible, Blaine ponders for a second and then picks up a wine glass filled with water. At this point, Drake is already backing away. He’s guessed what’s going to happen and he doesn’t like it one bit. Drake does not want to be near a man spitting live frogs out of his mouth into wine glasses or any other receptacle. Of all the things Drake wants to buy with his stacks of money, this is definitely not one of them.



Blaine tilts his hand back and summons the frog from within, then hands his amphibian friend in its new wine glass home to the rapper. “I don’t want that,” Drake can be seen saying over and over again, a grimace on his face that’s a mix of disgust, bewilderment and awe. He gamely takes the glass, obviously not wanting to lose face in front of his friends – peer pressure at its finest – but keeps it at arm’s length.

Later, the magician asks him to check his mouth is empty and Drake obliges, one hand lingering near his mouth, arms across his chest like he thinks that will defend him from the frogs leaping in and out of the glasses and Blaine’s mouth. It won’t, but at least he’s provided us for a reason to smile and even laugh in these bleak times.

David Blaine: Beyond Magic will air in the UK on Channel 4 this December.