Are You Drake’s Biggest Fan? Prove It By Completing Our Lyrics Quiz

Whether it be bossing it with Rihanna on ‘Work’ or dominating the charts with song of the summer ‘One Dance’, Drake has been absolutely killing it in 2016. Fourth album ‘Views‘ topped charts around the world and is currently gaining a ton of awards nominations for its creator, and there’s still a rumoured joint album with Kanye West that could soon prove to be the icing on the cake for the Toronto rapper’s year. Not bad going, huh?

It’s all well and good being in hip-hop’s elite, but what good are superstars without their legions of fans? Chances are you’ve found yourself on this page because you count yourself as one of Drizzy’s many and now’s your opportunity to prove your worth. Only the truest of fans will be able to correctly complete the lyrics below, taken from tracks across the 6 God’s career. Are you one of them? Get rid of any distractions, clear your mind and prepare yourself for the glorious high of victory or the crushing low of failure. Good luck.