Drake’s WTF Birthday Cake Reviewed

Poor Frances Quinn, winner of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off. She’s been thoroughly upstaged by whoever made this ridiculously OTT mess for Drake’s 27th birthday. As you can see, it’s a confusing choice. It screams YOLO – the motto the rapper popularised over the last few years – but it doesn’t really square with his sensitive, emo persona. It’s loud, colourful and ludicrous. Fashion the whole concept on Glastonbury’s Block 9? YOLO. Chuck a toy car in there? YOLO. An I Love Toronto fridge magnet? YOLO. A robot made of sponge named after one of Drake’s favourite restaurants? YOLFO. No subtle lemon drizzy cake for the mopey one.


But is it a good cake? Now I’m no Mary Berry, but there doesn’t like like there’s that much to actually eat. The black and grey icing covering the actual cake bits is lumpy and plastic-looking and there’s no sign of what could be inside. Who wants a soft toy dinosaur or a toy car near their birthday treat? And that strange shiny tangerine mound? I’d rather a Terry’s chocolate orange. Probably best to make a beeline for the pyramid shard of what seems to be chocolate tiffin on the left. Did someone say style over substance?