Dream Genie – Cuddle Up With This Life-Sized David Bowie Pillow

David Bowie is many things: a genre-shifting pop maverick. An aesthetic pioneer, with some of the most iconic and gloriously eccentric looks in modern music. A man capable of playing a Goblin King in the tightest leather pants known to man and a massive mullet while still looking effortlessly cool. But until now, his capabilities as a soft and snuggly place to rest your weary head have been unproved (unless you’re Iman).

Thanks to online Etsy craft store Proxy Shop, however, you can now have your very own (nearly) lifesize Aladdin Sane to lean on. Yep, they’ve made a massive Bowie pillow and it’s just as brilliant/ ridiculous as that sounds.

Yours for the price of £267.22, it’s an investment but we’re told you at least get delivery The Next Day. Ahem. Get a better look at it here:


And if you’re feeling a little less frivolous then there’s a whole host of other, less pricey musical items to add a little star power to any sofa too including a cheeky little Kanye and a lovely, floral Cher.

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