The most drool-worthy vinyl records of the 2017

From Ryan Adams' paper dolls to Lana's heart-shaped vinyl

As streaming continues to do bigger and bigger business, so vinyl releases get ever more impressive. These are some of the best wax efforts bands and artists have given us in 2017 – from the pleasingly pretty to the ultra ambitious.

Lana Del Rey – ‘Love/Lust For Life’

Price: £139.99
Why’s it so cool: It’s shaped like a bloody big heart, of course. Very fitting now Lana is all happy, and also because it houses her single ‘Love’.
Buy: Ebay

Vince Staples – ‘Big Fish Theory’


Price: £25.39
Why’s it so cool: Not only is the album one of the best of the year, its vinyl version is also one of the most aesthetically-pleasing. It comes as a double picture disc, with a close up of a goldfish – a literal big fish.
Buy: Amazon

Beck – ‘Colors’

Price: £53.27
Why’s it so cool: It’d be a bit of an anti-climax if the vinyl for an album called ‘Colors’ was just plain old boring black. Never fear! Beck has got our backs. The wax is a delicious shade of red, while it comes with an insert that’s nothing short of exquisite.
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Price: £24.99
Why’s it so cool: Look how bright it is! So bright. So pink. So wonderfully garish.
Buy: Amazon

Ryan Adams – ‘Prisoner: End Of World edition’


Price: $150
Why’s it so cool: It’s made up of 12 7-inch records, each a different colour with unique cover art. The box also folds out into a stage, where you can create your own Ryan Adams show with the included action figures and stage accessories. Sick.
Buy: Pax-Am Records

The Beatles – ‘The Christmas Records’

Price: £90
Why’s it so cool: These records were never released outside of the Fab Four’s fan club, so if you weren’t a member (or are just way too young for that ever to have been possible) this is your first choice to own all of The Beatles’ holiday messages to their beloved “Beatles people”.
Buy: Amazon

Slaves – ‘Take Control’

Price: £31.99
Why’s it so cool: The Tunbridge Wells duo glammed up their latest album for Record Store Day 2017, pressing ‘Take Control’ on white vinyl and packaging it in this very lavish gold sleeve. How can you resist it?
Buy: Banquet Records

David Bowie – ‘A New Career In A New Town’

Price: £198.94
Why’s it so cool: It’s a bit expensive, but this Bowie box set is definitely worth it. Not only do you get all three parts of the legend’s Berlin trilogy, but you’ll also find German and French versions of ‘Heroes’, other oddities all Bowie superfans needs, and a gorgeous book accompanying it that’ll keep you occupied for hours.
Buy: Amazon

Childish Gambino – ‘Awaken, My Love!’

Price: $59.99
Why’s it so cool: It’s a VIRTUAL REALITY VINYL. Which sadly doesn’t mean the vinyl itself comes with VR capabilities, but it does come with a pretty sick headset, access to exclusive VR live performances, and a glow in the dark cover. Still very, very cool.
Buy: Okayplayer

Liam Gallagher – ‘As You Were’

Price: £49.99
Why it’s so cool: You can experience the dulcet tones of a godlike genius on white vinyl, which comes with a bonus 7-inch etched vinyl, art print, poster, and book.
Buy: Liam Gallagher’s website

Arcade Fire – ‘Everything Now’

Price: £16.95
Why it’s so cool: The ‘night’ version of the record comes in beautiful turquoise, in a gatefold sleeve and with a folded lyric sheet so you can sing along with Win and Régine.
Buy: Ebay

The Cribs – ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’

Price: Unknown
Why it’s so cool: To celebrate the record’s 10th anniversary, the brothers Jarman reissued their 2007 classic ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ on glistening gold vinyl.
Buy: Keep an eye on Ebay

The Killers – ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

Price: £29.99
Why it’s so cool: The cover of the album features a shell on it with a flash of pink. It’s that little sliver that gives the wax inside the sleeve its colour, a coral pink so dreamy you could easily see Brandon Flowers donning a matching blazer jacket.
Buy: What Records

Methyl Ethel – ‘Everything Is Forgotten’

Price: £20
Why it’s so cool: Of all the colours vinyl is released in nowadays, magenta is one of the rarer ones. But Aussie trio Methyl Ethel have matched the originality of the sounds of their second album with its look.
Buy: Amazon

Run The Jewels – ‘RTJ3’

Price: £26.99
Why it’s so cool: RTJ are ballers and there is nothing more balling than putting out your album on gold vinyl. Bow down.
Buy: Amazon

Phoenix – ‘Ti Amo’

Price: €20
Why it’s so cool: Trust those suave Frenchmen to put out a record that not only sounds cool as fuck, but looks it too. The sleeve is housed in a clear plastic sheaf emblazoned with a heart and the band and album name, while the vinyl itself is Coke bottle clear.
Buy: Phoenix’s website

Gorillaz – ‘Humanz’

Price: £35.99
Why it’s so cool: It comes in picture disc form with the animated characters of Gorillaz’s faces on. What could be cooler than that?
Buy: Ebay

Skepta – ‘Konnichiwa’

Price: £24.99
Why it’s so cool: ‘Konnichiwa’ might have come out last year, but the vinyl only made its way onto shelves in 2017., prolonging the joy the world can get from Skeppy’s breakthrough record for a little bit longer. What’s more, it comes in red vinyl – much like the postage stamp that adorns the cover.
Buy: Ebay

Black Honey – ‘Bloodlust’

?Happy Halloween Honeys!?We've made a super limited Halloween 7" (on bloodshot clear marble) with our mates Flying…

Posted by Black Honey on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Price: £24.99
Why it’s so cool: Released for Halloween, it’s made to look like an eyeball, with ‘Bloodlust’ pressed on bloodshot clear marble and a nice sticker of a pupil and iris whacked in the middle. Delicious.
Buy: Ebay

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