Dum Dum Girls – Jailhouse Rocker

Back in 1986 I was too deep into Lego to realise the importance of NME’s C86 tape. Now I’m off the bricks (six months clean) and that seminal cassette’s influence has wafted back into my life.

Bands like Wavves, PENS, Graffiti Island, Male Bonding and Blank Dogs all stink of C86’s punky DIY indie attitude. It’s the smell of cheap vinyl and freshly printed fanzines.

Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls, one fine young lady from LA called Dee Dee, also carries that scent. Her song ‘Jail La La’ is the kind of awesome confessional astral fuzz-pop that makes me think NME should get back into the tape game. C09 has a nice ring to it.

Everyone thinks Dum Dum Girls is named after a Talk Talk song, but that’s not quite right. “It’s a nod to The Vaselines and Iggy Pop,” says Dee Dee.

And the incarceration in Jail La La? “It is based on a true story, let’s just leave it at that,” she says. “Being in jail is the loneliest feeling.”

You can download the amazing Jail La La from Pinglewood, where you can also read about Dee Dee’s passion for British documentaries, choral music and tiny Hispanic punk rockers.

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