All the Easter Eggs from the ‘Toy Story 4’ trailer

Toy Story 4‘s trailer is finally out.

It has taken a while: the original movie release date was two years ago. But the old gang, with a few new members, are finally back. Woody, Buzz and Jessie are joined by new owner Bonnie’s creation, Forky (a spork confused about whether he is a eating utensil or a toy), and we also see the return of Woody’s love interest Bo Peep, (last seen in 1999 in Toy Story 2).


In true Pixar style, the trailer has a few Easter Eggs hidden within in. From pointers to film favourites Up and Monsters, Inc., to Toy Story hints we missed in other films, here’s all the Easter Eggs in the trailer:


Tinny, from Pixar’s five-minute 1988 film Tin Toy, appears in the trailer. Tin Toy was about a small one-man band toy trying to escape a child and what inspired Disney to work with Pixar to create Toy Story. Its director John Lasseter went on to direct both Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

Charles Muntz and his dogs

Some wide-eyed fans noticed the nod to Charles Muntz – the explorer and villain from Up – in the Toy Story 4 poster. He can be seen playing poker with his dog friends.

Keanu Reeves’ new character was in Incredibles 2

A while back, YouTuber Seamus Gorman suggested that Toy Story 4’s villain was dropped in the latest Incredibles movie, placed in Jack-Jack’s crib surrounding by blocks reading “W”, “D” and “Y” (suggesting Woody). It looks like his predication was right. At the end of the trailer, a similarly white-suited moustached action figure appears briefly. And it seems that this new character is Duke Caboom, the “motorcycle daredevil” voiced by Keanu Reeves. and shrouded in mystery until now.


Another pizza truck moment? 

Pixar fans are familiar with the famous Pizza Planet Truck. It was seen through a fish tank in Finding Nemo, it makes the shot in Monsters, Inc. when Randall is being beaten with a shovel and had appeared in every single Toy Story film to date. This one is no exception. The trailer points to Woody having a conversation with former flame Bo Peep in the rain under some kind of low roof. Could history be repeating itself? Could it be the bottom of the Pizza Planet truck, next to which deep and poignant conversations have happened before?


The black pigtails and pink T-shirt in the background of this shot of Bonnie are recognisable anywhere. It looks like Boo from Monsters, Inc. might have crossed paths with the toys’ owner at school.

What happened to Andy?

One unexpected surprise from the trailer was young Andy. In a flashback where he is playing with Buzz and Woody, he looks substantially different from previous films. Whilst some conspiracy theories are circulating the net (plastic surgery? Is it Andy’s kid?), others think Pixar’s animation might just have upgraded and changed young Andy in the process.

Slappy from Goosebumps

It may not be the first time some new creepy characters in the trailer have been on our screens before. These dolls that Woody bumps into look like the villain Slappy from Goosebumps. 

Forky’s feet

In a nod to the way Andy labelled his toys in previous films, by writing his name on their foot, in the trailer we see that Bonnie has written her name on Forky’s feet.

Toy Story 4 is set for release on June 21.