Fans react to Ed Sheeran’s ‘incredible’ new album

The singer-songwriter's new album '÷' was released today (March 3)

Today is the day Sheerios (that’s Ed Sheeran fans to the uninitiated) have been waiting for. ‘÷’ is finally out and available to devour to your heart’s content. We’ve given our reaction to the singer-songwriter’s highly-anticipated return, but what do the die-hards make of Sheeran’s third record? Turns out the reaction is unanimously positive, while the album should raise the profits of tissue makers everywhere.

These early reactions are pretty strong…


Luke’s got his priorities straight

Everything else can wait when there’s new Sheeran to listen to.

There’s a lot of crying going on around the world right now

Consider this a warning to get a pack (or three) of tissues ready before you press play.


Ed’s Spanish efforts are going down well…

Who knew he was so linguistically talented?

Even former Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello is getting in on the weepy act

Not even the stars are immune to Ed’s emotional power.

These guys have got a couple of suggestions for what ‘÷’ could soundtrack

Both sound pretty good to us.

Just as well it’s nearly Mother’s Day

Put the album on when you’re trying to find a present for your mum.

‘÷’ proves Sheeran’s talent according to this lot

Who are we to argue?

These guys are predicting a lot of awards for Ed next year

Place your bets now.

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