‘Eez-Eh’ Track Review: Have Kasabian Still Got It?

“I’ve got the feeling that I’m gonna keep you up all night,” growls Tom Meighan ominously on ‘Eez-Eh’, the first track to be taken from their fifth album, ’48:13’. Is Kasabian’s comeback track an ode to getting busy? Or, with its bundle through nightmarish fairground sounds via Madness’ ‘House of Fun’, an attempt to unsettle and challenge everything you think you know about the Leicester band?

It’s certainly not the former, as guitarist Serge Pizzorno explained back in January. “It’s more a conversation that me and Tom might have at five or six in the morning. There have been so many nights in hotel rooms where me and Tom will stay up all night talking and it’s about that,” he told NME at the time.


“Tired of taking orders/Coping with disorders,” sings Tom at one point, possibly referring to the stomach problems the frontman has suffered since childhood that led to rumours a few years ago that he had an eating disorder (which he denied). Later comes another insight into what goes on after hours when the Kasabian lads are bedding down for the night with the now infamous horsemeat scandal reference – “Horsemeat in the burgers/People commit murders/Everyone’s on bugle/We’re being watched by Google.”

‘Eez-Eh’ is far from being a serious take on the world’s issues though. Whilst we’ve grown used to Kasabian the rock stars, this is a rave-ready hint at a return to the electronic experimentation that characterized their self-titled debut album way back in 2004, while still retaining their swagger and keeping things tongue-in-cheek, cartoon-like and – most importantly – fun. On this evidence, expect the new material that will undoubtedly litter their headline set at Glastonbury to be an exhilarating, euphoric ride through a new cast of leftfield anthems.