Eight Genius Muppets Musical Moments

Pepe the King Prawn rapping? Cee-Lo Green in a crimson latex suit pelted with fish? A flying convertible? Beaker experimenting with a dry ice eggnog? It’s hard to be a grinch after watching the new music video from the Muppets and Cee-Lo Green (see it at the bottom of the page). ‘All I Need Is Love’ was written by the soul singer – but the best bit is the “Mah nà mah nà” vocal passages sung by the puppets. It’s the latest in a long line of brilliant musical moments. Check out other highlights from the years.


Debbie Harry’s ‘The Rainbow Connection'(1981)


Johnny Cash’s Impossibly Cool ‘Ghostriders In The Sky’ (1980)
The Muppets’ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Became A Viral Hit (2009)
Elton John and Miss Piggy Do ‘Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart'(1978)
Prince Takes The Piss Out Of His Name (1997)
Paul Simon Gets Medieval On The Muppets’ Ass (1980)
Alice Cooper Scares The Kids With ‘School’s Out’ (1978)
Dizzy Gillespie On The Muppets: “I Admire You Frogs” (1979)

Judging by the calibre of the last 60 years, a Kate Bush, Pixies or Radiohead collaboration might not be out of the question. We can dream…

RIP Jim Henson.