Eight Radiohead Covers That Aren’t Completely Unbearable

Who’d mess with perfection? Well, the list is endless when it comes to Radiohead. Frank Ocean’s the latest – but his cover of ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ was more than OK.


The Darkness popped up with a faintly amusing ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ in the summer, which could’ve been worse. Chief among the perpetrators are Amanda Palmer annihilating ‘Idioteque’ with a ukelele and Mark Ronson turning ‘Just’ into the perfect soundtrack for Friday night at All Bar One. Moby’s still at The Hague for his cover of ‘Creep’, along with Sia for ‘Paranoid Android’ and Vampire Weekend for ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’. To be fair: anyone covering the band is in the market to appear an utter booby – even Prince couldn’t do ‘Creep’ justice – but there are a few out of the hundreds that won’t make you reach for the noose.

Hanson’s ‘Optimistic’ isn’t the tragedy it professes to be

Believe it or not, Tears for Fears own ‘Creep’

Vienna Teng’s ‘Idioteque’ isn’t hateful

Gnarks Barkley does not ruin ‘Reckoner’

‘Airbag’ gets a pleasing RJD2 rework

A punk-ska ‘My Iron Lung’ with minimal cringe

Jazz pianist Brad Mehldau avoids butchering ‘Everything…’

Haters gonna hate but John Mayer’s ‘Kid A’ is not the worst

What have I missed?