Eliza Lumley – How Not To Cover Radiohead

Eliza Lumley has been picking up some good reviews for her easy-listening, Classic FM-friendly covers of Radiohead songs.

‘She Talks In Maths: Interpretations of Radiohead’ is currently at Number 1 on the iTunes jazz chart – and Colin Greenwood is reportedly a fan. According to the press release, the Radiohead bassist said: “I love it, it’s about time someone did some fucking decent versions of this stuff.”

This seems highly suspicious. Firstly, that’s not the kind of thing Colin Greenwood would ever say – the Cambridge-educated musician is nothing if not grammatically correct. More to the point, Lumley’s covers are appalling – dead-eyed, blank-voiced, and utterly lacking in emotion.

Here’s her version of ‘Let Down’. She sounds like she’s singing the Thomson Directory rather than one of Thom Yorke’s most heart-breakingly vulnerable lyrics.