Eminem’s angriest faces – in GIFs

Because Em gives good angry face

Eminem, who reportedly has a ninth album on the way – possibly to be released very soon – is a pretty angry dude. Weirdly, at 45 (his birthday is today – October 17), with a massively successful career to his name and having played an undeniable role in changing hip-hop, he seems angrier than ever before. Late period Slim Shady appears even more vexed than the young, hungry Slim Shady who was spittin’ on your onion rings in the early noughties. For instance: see the video for 2010’s Rihanna-featuring ‘Love The Way You Lie’, which the rapper glowers through like he’s received a series of parking tickets and then stood, barefoot, on a Lego brick. Yes, throughout his career Em has perfected the art of the angry face, and here are 10 that will keep you awake at night.

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When he was angry that they sat him here next to Britney Spears


When he was angry at, like, the weather in the background?



When he was quite literally angry at himself


When he was possibly angry about forgetting to take a hayfever tablet


When he was angry about being in some weird lift thing


When he was angry that he simply cannot fly


When he was angry that, as is turns out, he can fly


When he was angry about being under siege (we’ve all been there)



When he was angry about having to dig a big hole with a spade


When he was angry about being a Rap God, more than 20 years in the game