Emmy The Great Reveals Her ‘First Love’

Emmy The Great‘s music is deceptively pretty. Her winsome, carefree melodies mask murky depths and a deliciously barbed tongue. There are a lot of babies in her songs, but they’re lobbed around like handgrenades. “Babies are weapons,” she tells me. “My period is a weapon. Everything that a girl has that a boy doesn’t is a weapon.”

Emmy The Great

Love may be a battlefield, but Emmy’s song ‘War’ is about just that, war. “It’s set in the forties, in a seaside holiday village,” she explains. “Nobody’s there anymore because the war has started, and this girl’s like, ‘Oh last summer there with this guy, but now he’s gone,’ because he’s probably in war, he’s probably dead.”


Emmy The Great – First Love

Her new single is called ‘First Love’, the same as her recently released debut album. Her friend Dan is on the cover because Dan was her first love. “I loved him until I was 11, and he loved me until we were 4,” she says. “But we’re best friends now, so it’s fine.”

You can download Emmy The Great’s ‘We Almost Had A Baby’ for free at Pinglewood.

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