Did you spot these Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift’s new video for ‘End Game’

Are you '...Ready for It?'

Today Taylor Swift dropped the third music video from her blistering sixth album ‘Reputation’. Featuring celeb bestie Ed Sheeran and Future, the new video has unsurprisingly already racked up millions of views.

Throughout the video the princess of pop is scene partying with her pals in Miami, Tokyo and London, necking shots with Ed and chilling on a flash yacht; but in typical Taylor fashion there are also a load of subtle Easter Eggs, how many of these did you notice?

The return of the snake


Possibly the most iconic visual used in Taylor’s return is the constant imagery of a snake, and ‘End Game’ is no different. After people have accused Taylor of playing the snake over the past few years, she’s clapped back by literally playing the video game snake.

We also see Taylor wearing a snakeskin outfit whilst driving a motorbike. However the outfit bares a striking resemblance to one worn by Jeffree Star. Coincidence? We think not.


Juice box writing

In the video for ‘…Ready for It’ we saw important lyrics and song titles daubed on the walls, and in this vid Tay’s back at it again. Midway through we see Taylor sipping on a juice box, and when words the Japanese words are translated from the katakana alphabet they translate to ‘End Game’.

And billboard writing


We also see writing on a huge billboard when Taylor’s partying in Tokyo – which when translated is revealed to be lyrics to ‘End Game’ as well as ‘Meredith Olivia’ – her cat’s names.

Cat cameo

If you follow Taylor on Instagram you’ll know how much she loves her cats Meredith and Olivia. So obviously she snuck in a cat cameo.

References to old videos

Taylor is known for throwing back to her old music videos, and there are several moments in ‘End Game’ that could be references to old videos.

The scene when she’s looking out of the car window is reminiscent of a similar scene in the ‘Wildest Dreams’ video:

And there’s similarity to the ‘22’ and ‘You Belong With Me’ videos when she’s goofing around with Ed Sheeran:

The A Team

Fans already lost their shit when they heard the lyric “I wanna be your A-Team” on ‘End Game’ – a not-so-subtle reference to Ed Sheeran’s massive hit. However in the video she took the reference to the next level when she popped on a jumper with an ‘A’ on it. Supporting her pal Ed to the very end.

Throwing back to the Red tour

In 2013 + 14 Taylor embarked on her massive tour for her fourth album, ‘Red’. When performing absolute bop ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ she wore a ringmaster styled costume – one that Taylor tipsily tries on in the ‘End Game’ video.


Lucky number 13

Throughout her career Taylor has always snuck her lucky number 13 into what she does, and the ‘End Game’ video is no different. We see T-Swiz on level 13 when she’s playing snake:


And appearing on the radio: