Enforcer – Spearheading The New Wave Of Heavy Metal

Enforcer are a blistering new band for whom old heavy metal is their first language. The only thing tighter and faster than their riffs is their spandex.

The band stood out immediately on the scene-defining ‘Heavy Metal Killers’ compilation last year. They’re brutally heavy, but instantly make you want to punch the air and jump off the upper balcony.

This is how things should be. Heavy metal is supposed to be fun, wild and unfathomable. That’s how it was when it began, and that’s what suits its natural energy and power. All this has arguably been lost from the heavier genres in the last 20 or so years.

Enforcer are leading a charge of young bands that are playing this music, and playing it right. These five lads clearly worship raw heavy metal, but they update it with muderous playing and a punchy modern sensibility. Legendary record label Earache are set to unleash their second album ‘Diamonds’ in late May as the band head out on a UK tour with Cauldron and Invasion.

Here’s a download track for yous all to get your ears around: Enforcer – ‘Midnight Vice’

Also, I had a quick chat with Enforcer singer Olof Wikstrand as they prepared for a mammoth set of European dates.

Heavy metal is alive! Right Olof?

More so now than in 25 years I’d say!

Yeah, it’s exciting times right now. Have you always been an old school metal-head?

More or less. I’ve been briefly into various different forms of metal, but always I’ve always gone back to its most genuine form eventually.

You formed the band as a solo project initially about 5 years ago. It must have seemed like a weirdly original idea at the time?

Yes it was. No-one believed in the band commercially back then, even though many people liked it personally. It was hard to get members to do a real band in that style. So that was pretty much why I started off alone.

And now Enforcer are on Earache Records with killer tours and a great second album…

Yeah, luckily there were people with great musical taste who dared to sign real good bands!

Do you mind being called retro? Some people seem to think this is an insult.

People can call it whatever they like. I don’t see heavy metal as retro. Heavy metal is something timeless and it’s more modern than ever.

Agreed. Can you recommend any less known old records to people who maybe only listen to Metallica and Maiden?

I could name like 200 of them. But a couple of records in the same style that really have inspired us would be Exciter ‘Violence and Force’, Mad Max ‘Rolling Thunder’ and Mindless Sinner ‘Turn on the Power’.

Finally, any tips for how to live a true heavy metal lifestyle?

Hah, it depends on how you define it! But as long as you live your own life and do whatever you want with it – no matter what people tell you – then I’d say that you’re pretty close.

See Enforcer live:

26th May – The Well in Leeds
27th May – The Old Blue Last in London
28th May – The Central in Nottingham
29th May – Scruffy Murphy’s in Birmingham

Enforcer’s second album ‘Diamonds’ is out on May 24th from Earache Records.