‘England Is Mine’ – Jack Lowden on playing Morrissey

The new Morrissey biopic is out soon - we spoke to its star about playing one of music's most iconic figures

Are you a Morrissey fan?

Jack: “I am definitely a Smiths fan… My music taste is all across the board really, I love everything from Stereophonics to Chopin.”

When you were researching the role, what was the most invaluable resource?

“We were very, very strict with what I read and didn’t read. I didn’t read his autobiography but I watched, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning. I listened to Smiths music rather than Morrissey music.”

How important is Morrissey and Linder Sterling’s relationship in the film?

“Massively – she’s the spark that kicks everything off really, because he’s got all this potential and he’s got all these things he wants to see, he just doesn’t know how to get them across. He just needs somebody to give him a boot up the backside!”


England Is Mine
Jack Lowden as Morrissey in ‘England Is Mine’

Did you ever have any musical aspirations?

“I learned to play the piano and a bunch of us recorded an album in a farmhouse somewhere. We did a lot of covers of Jamie T songs and the Jam and things like that. I think there’s only four copies. We didn’t have a name, it was like one of them really cool restaurants in east London.”

What was your favourite bit of the Morrissey costume?

“The long coat – beautiful.”