Enter Two Door Cinema Club’s Bizarre Video Game World In ‘Bad Decisions’ Video

“When we first spoke to Alex on the set of ‘Are We Ready?’, it was clear that he hated social media as much as we did, so we knew we needed to come up with a suitably epic metaphor to illustrate this brilliant song,” say video directors Thunderlips (aka Sean Wallace and Jordan Dodson), the creative minds behind Two Door Cinema Club‘s bizarre new video for ‘Bad Decisions’.

The strutting disco-funk track, which features frontman Alex Trimble singing in a seriously high falsetto, takes aim at “generation information” with lines like “You don’t need to know what everybody’s thinking“. The video lands the trio in an animated video game world, leading them through different levels from Two Door whack-a-mole to racing cars.

The directorial duo say Dante’s Inferno was an inspiration, but also felt “that turning [Alex’s] original idea into a video game was a fun way to make this concept relevant and also give us a platform for the animators to develop and embellish with the band battling each other to escape hell and earn redemption.”

Watch the video below now.