Esser – A Runny Egg Is An Unhappy Egg

Hi, I’m Esser and I’ll be blogging for NME throughout my current UK tour.

First show at the Cockpit in Leeds (16 April) was a smash. The city has a population of 761,100 and NEARLY all of them came, which led us to leading ourselves into Leeds to celebrate. Thanks to the guys we met in the Oceana for showing us a great time. Good luck on Saturday guys. Go Rhinos.

The morning cure came in the shape of pork and leek, caramelised onion and chilli jam sandwich, if you can find it in Leeds, get one. Then off to Glasgow (17 April), the city that’s hard on the calves. On the way, we picked up a new member, Lubé (pronounced loo-bay) Smooth and got to work immediately with his new hit single, ‘Glamorous Life (It’s A)’. Look out for that one.

But working on hits is hungry work and a Lockerbie restaurant filled our bellies with grilled eggs that didn’t run. A runny egg is an unhappy egg. When it came time for the bill, Chris had no pennies is his jar, so with the help of his saxophone, took to the streets to earn the hard way, £3 for his unhappy eggs.

Now we’re waiting for our soundcheck in Glasgows King Tut’s and The Rhino crew are texting us like crazy. One more thing.. You can download my royal headlock tour mix from Myspace/esserhq. It’s featuring tracks from the bands that are supporting us on this tour, Gold Teeth and Young Fathers. See you all soon.