Esser – Monkey Magic In Middlesborough

So we’ve arrived in the middle of the brow, the mono, the M-Bo. On the way we stopped off at the amazingly named Deli-Llama café, we ordered salads and watched the horny monkeys jump around the cages. Reading the info on the side of the cage we discovered that it was father and son in that cage.

Poor monkeys.

So let’s all get together and make a petition to insert a nice looking intelligent female mini monkey into that cage, let the son have some fun. Monkey magic. The llamas don’t care they are already pregnant.

We also recorded a rough version of the latest single by Lubé Smoove feat Young Fathers. Look at the clip, Lubé is behind the camera, you can’t see him but you can FEEL him.

This place here is an old theatre and we have been pre-warned of stage invasion. You know when they tell you before anyone walks in: you ARE going to have a good time.