Esser – The Wanderers and Room 228

‘Welcome to Wolverhampton’ they cried. Two in the afternoon, and the whole town is pissed. We pull up and the stumblers stumble and leather faces tongue each other in the rank. So it goes.

A human bulldog punches a phone box, no one blinks an eye and the phone box wins. So it goes. Chris suggests what you need is a spark plug to crack that box. Smart guy.

We played the Little Civic. Next door in the Big Civic is a Psychic, who bills her act as ‘an evening of psychic mediumship’ she sold that place out; nothing attracts the masses like the promise of answers to desperation. So it goes.

The choice of evening meal was Caribbean, Red bream fish and cans of ‘ting’ all round. The place had the best flyers ever, check this out:


We are definitely coming back up here for that one. Who’s up for it?

The show, again, was great. Nice harmony vocals from the first row. And guess what we spot next door? An open mic night! So we invite the crowd to step next door and take a listen to Lubé Smooth and The Denim Boys new hit ‘If You Wanna Party With Me’.

Then it’s back to the hotel, which will remain nameless, for a Polaroid photo after party with Danimal Kingdom. In the commotion we accidentally rip the lamp off the wall, but Grant has superglue on him, so we glue that thing back on the wall, and its almost perfect, slightly wonky, but lets keep that between us. So if you got to room 228 in a hotel in Wolverhampton, and you see a slightly dodgy lamp on the wall right above your pillow, sleep the other end of the bed, stay safe.