Evan Peters Finally Returned To ‘American Horror Story’ Last Night And Twitter Can’t Deal With It

Warning: MAJOR spoilers for season six of American Horror Story follow…

If you watch American Horror Story, you’ll understand the crucial importance of the ensemble cast. This show would be nothing if it were not for the same circle of reliable actors popping up season after season with a new, gruesome story to tell. Which led many fans to question in this latest season six: where the fuck is Evan Peters?

We waited for Frank Ocean, we’re still waiting for Lorde, and AHS making us wait for Evan Peters was just so not on.


A few fans noticed that though he wasn’t on screen, he did appear IN THE CREDITS.



There have been some instances of fainting.

Then of course, he was killed off.

But at least we got him back, albeit briefly.

Until season seven, Evan.

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