Evanescence, ‘What You Want’ Video – Hit Or Miss?

Evanescence are back – remember ‘Bring Me To Life’? – with their new self-titled third album, due for release on 11 October.

They’re still massive – they’ve already sold out a five-date UK tour in November. And here’s their video for new single ‘What You Want’.

Directed by Meiert Avis, whose previous credits include promos for Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, singer Amy Lee told MTV News that it reflects the band’s history, ‘emulating old shows we used to play in the beginning’ and is also ‘sort of about escaping New York and… coming back out into the world.’

‘What You Want’ is pretty standard goth-pop fare, full of rapid drum breaks, swathes of fuzzy riffing and a catchy, chant-friendly chorus.

It’s quite hard to tell what the song’s about, with lots of references to ‘the unknown’ and ‘the pain’, and it confusingly switches between suggesting people ‘do what you want you want, if you have a dream for better’ in the first verse and the decidedly creepier final chorus where Lee seemingly gets an ex-lover on the blower, only to tell them “Hello, hello, it’s only me, infecting everything you love”.
The video is similarly uninspiring, switching between the band rocking a Brooklyn warehouse packed with fans and grainy CCTV-style footage of them walking around New York. Lee runs across Brooklyn Bridge and goes all Twilight on our asses, leaping onto the shoreline below, seething and pouting while, presumably, looking for some love to infect.

The video ends with a few CCTV shots of the band walking into the sea, which asks more questions than it answers. Will the band make it back for that tour? And, perhaps more pressingly, have New York State started installing security cameras on their beaches? Honestly, no-one trusts anyone in 2011.