Everyone’s Obsessing Over How Good Looking The Hey Arnold Voice Actor Is Now – But What About His Ultra-Sensitive Music?

The Hey Arnold movie was announced just two days ago and, the internet being the internet, most of the attention settled on what the original Arnold voice actor looks like now. Because surprisingly Lane Toran, the original voice actor, hasn’t got an ovoid head like Stewie Griffin – at 33 he’s actually become the dictionary definition of a hipster, complete with beard, tattoos, plaid shirts, and what the Daily Mail are labelling ‘rugged good looks’. Within a day of discovering him, the internet had added in the region of 50k Instagram followers to his selfie-fuelled account.

But what about the conversion rate to his Soundcloud, where he has fewer than 200 followers? Because, guys, he’s a musician too, and a very serious one. Think plinky percussion, moody synth and pained falsetto. “I remember a time when the valley stretched long,” he goes. “Skies were golden. Wind kissed my palms.” Prepare yourself for feelings, because Toran has lots of them.

In case you’re wondering what all the Insta-fuss was all about, below is a selection of his ‘grams. Here he is getting nostalgic with a Hey Arnold model:

Here he is in an advert with Kevin Spacey designed to mock hipsters like him:

Here he is chilling on a roof, as you do:

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Here he’s thinking about his feelings:

Finally got some time to start pre production on some songs. Hope you all have a great week

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And finally, here he is being #thankful and #blessed: