Everything we know so far about TXT, the new boyband from BTS’ label BigHit Entertainment

Tomorrow By Together are the company's second boyband, arriving six years after BTS

If you’ve been paying any attention to Twitter trends over the last few days, you might have noticed a mysterious acronym popping up in the list – TXT. It’s got nothing to do with text messages or types of computer files, but is the name of the new band from BigHit Entertainment, the company behind the world-conquering K-pop group BTS. Here’s everything we know about them so far.

How do you pronounce TXT?

TXT stands for Tomorrow X Together, pronounced Tomorrow By Together, as per the way it’s written in Korean (투모로우 바이 투게더). 

What’s the meaning behind their name?

When you load up the new band’s website, a short animated clip plays that gives some explanation of the idea behind the name–- namely, one of working towards the same ideal together. “You and I, different but together,” it reads. “We explore one dream. Tomorrow by together.”

How many members are there and who are they?


It’s currently unconfirmed how many members there will be in TXT, but reports last year suggested the band would be made up of five idols with an average age of 17. Here’s who we’ve been introduced to so far.

  • Yeonjun

The first member to be revealed, at 19 years old, Yeonjun is the oldest member. BigHit have called him “an incredible dancer”. In his video reveal, he was seen playing on the claw machines in an arcade before taking his prize bear to a karaoke booth.

  • Soobin

Soobin was the second member to be confirmed and the 18-year-old will be TXT’s leader. In his video, he was seen sleeping on a school desk, cycling, and sitting on a rooftop overlooking what is, presumably, Seoul.


Huening Kai

The third member to be announced, Huening Kai spends his video larking about in a grocery store and being dragged around by an overzealous dog. BigHit have yet to reveal more details about him but he’s rumoured to be the maknae (youngest member) of the band.

Who are BigHit?

The K-pop company behind international sensations BTS. They might not be one of the “big three” labels in the scene (that includes JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment), but they’re definitely becoming one of its major players after the success of their first boyband.

What’s with the Morse code in the teaser videos?

All the member reveal videos to be shared so far end with a snippet of Morse code. On all, the audio decodes to reveal the word “dreaming”. How that relates to TXT is currently unknown – could it be the name of a song or album, or maybe the concept behind their first record?

What’s their concept?

BigHit have been quite vague about this so far, saying only that they will have “a bright and youthful boyband where each member is different from one another, shining in their own way to create a synergy.”

What’s the fandom name?

It’s yet to be confirmed, but fans on Reddit have suggested Multiply, Forever, and Messengers.

What do TXT sound like?

It’s also unclear whether the music in the teaser videos is any indication of what to expect, but, if it is, listen out for blissful electronic pop (Soobin’s video) and upbeat blues-y riffs and shuffling drums (Yeonjun’s video).

When are they debuting?

That’s yet to be confirmed, but it seems likely it won’t happen until after all members are confirmed, unless BigHit decide to reveal any with their debut performance.

Where can I see them live?

You’ll have to wait until they’ve debuted for dates and, unless you live in or are visiting Korea, will probably have to wait even longer for them to perform outside of their home country.


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