Everything we learned from Liam Gallagher’s appearance on Mike Skinner’s podcast

He can't live if living is without autocue

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Liam Gallagher is really good at giving interviews. Like, almost everything he says is funny and or newsworthy. Just stick a recorder in front of the man and let the magic happen. Well, he’s now appeared on Mike Skinner and Murkage Dave’s new Spotify podcast In the Third Person. It was an illuminating half-hour, for sure, and has already made headlines as Liam revealed that, when performing, he’d “say anything” that was written on his autocue, because he can’t do without it. He added: “If they put fucking fish and chips [on there], I’d sing that as well. It’s terrible, leaving my fucking shit in other people’s hands, but yeah, I need the autocue, man.”

And the entertainment didn’t end there. He made a pure dad joke (Skinner introduced a weird, rambling anecdote about sushi, to which Liam replied, “Sounds a bit fishy…”) and insisted, “I’m a good guy, man, without a doubt.” The man tells it like it is, so let’s take a deep breath and dive in to best bits of the latest barnstormin’ Liam chat…

One of the 66 members of The Fall had a brother who was Liam’s teacher


There were a lot of people in Mark E. Smith’s cult Manchester band – he did a lot of hiring and firing – so it’s perhaps inevitable that one of them would have a personal link to Liam. “Mr Hanley, he was called,” Liam said. “He was going, ‘Oh, me brother’s in a band’. I was going, ‘Oh, what it called?’ ‘The Fall?’ I was going, ‘Oh – that’s good.’ From Hip Priest to groovy teacher.

The teachers at his kids’ schools are ‘nosy cunts’

“You’ve gotta meet the parents and all that,” Liam told Mike. “Some of ‘em are nosy cunts, but you’ve gotta keep them at arm’s length. The majority of ‘em, it’s nice to meet.” He evan claimed that, when his sons were younger, parents would try to arrange playdates between theirs kids so they could look at his house. I mean, that is the behaviour of a nosy cunt.

He reckons there’s a through-line from Oasis to Skepta

Like, sure? Actually, he makes a pretty good case, arguing that both Oasis and the Tottenham don put out “working class music”. Liam added: “They’re talking about the same shit we were talking about – they’re just not using guitars… I think they’re just stars, aren’t they? I mean, whatever genre of music you’re in… there’s people that are a bit bigger than their genre of music.”

He’s in a ship? Or something?

Speaking about his unchanging style, the frontman explained: “I still live in my world. If everyone is changing around it, that’s great, but I’m living in my ship.” Can we live in your ship, too, Liam?

This Skepta love’s not actually new – Liam’s always been a hip-hop head


He revealed: “I was into the Beastie Boys, NWA, all that stuff, growing up and that. The first stuff was all that electro stuff. When I was a kid, a lot of my mates were breakdancers… A lot of this stuff these days it’s designer rap innit. I like the hardcore.” Here’s a free pitch: track down all of Liam’s old breakdancing mates and write an article about what they’re doing now. You’ve got a guaranteed click from me.