‘Evident Utensil’ – Chairlift’s Mindblowing HD Video

At first glance the new Chairlift video appears nothing special – just another modishly psychedelic clip in the ‘Time To Pretend’ mould.

It’s only when you watch it in HD (click the ‘watch in HD’ link under the YouTube video) that the full glory reveals itself. It’s even better if you watch it in full-screen.

How to describe the effect? It’s sort of like the moment a Magic Eye image starts to jump put of the page, crossed with the semi-transparent ‘heat sensor’ effect in the ‘Predator’ films. Only utterly modern and not two decades out of date as both those examples suggest.

Here’s the standard, non-HD version. The same effect can be seen in Kanye West’s new video, ‘Welcome To Heartbreak’. The future? Who knows, but it looks damn cool.