Exactly How Similar Are ‘Game Of Thrones’ Badboy Ramsay Bolton And Rock Badboy Liam Gallagher?

Welsh actor Iwan Rheon has compared his Game of Thrones character, Ramsay Bolton, to Oasis’ Liam Gallagher in a new interview, ahead of season six’s US premiere on Sunday (April 24). Ramsay Bolton was recently voted the worst character on TV in a knockout villain competition by The Atlantic. This is probably because Ramsay commonly flays, rapes and tortures people for shits and giggles, causing destruction and pain in his wake wherever he goes. Liam’s a bit of a troublemaker, but does he deserve being compared to such a bastard? Let’s look at how similar they really are.

1. Choice of steed

Ramsay: Rides horses, like most people in Game of Thrones. His own horse is actually called Blood.
Liam: Rides dogs when pissed. In April 2013, he reportedly got “absolutely hammered” in a London pub at the weekend and attempted to ride a fellow drinker’s pet dog.

2. Belief system

Ramsay: Swears stuff ‘by the old gods and the new’. Probably has some kind of twisted mystical stuff going on involving blood sacrifice, leeches, and ‘justice’.

Liam: “Some days I don’t believe and some days I do believe.” Mysterious.

3. Torture methods

Ramsay: Breaks down Theon physically and mentally, before cutting off his penis.
Liam: Throws a plum at Noel, swings a guitar around like an axe, ends Oasis.

4. Vindictiveness

Ramsay: Eats sausage after cutting off Theon’s penis

Liam: Sings ‘Shitelife’ after beating Blur to a BRIT.

Liam also says that at London’s Groucho Club, “Gazza was at the bar, using that old joke: ‘D’you want a ‘Roll With It’? D’you want a roll with your soup? So I squirted him with a fire extinguisher.”

Plus there’s this time when he stole a microphone top after being ambushed by paps at the airport

5. Name-calling prowess

Ramsay: Calls Theon ‘Reek’ so many times, alongside Pavlovian torture techniques, that Theon changes his identity and refuses to go by Theon any more out of fear.
Liam: Has called Noel a ‘cartoon character’, ‘sad’ and ‘a sell-out’. Words, words, words.

6. Choice of dog

Ramsay: Owns a pack of feral hunting dogs, with which he hunts his used toys (who are human beings).
Liam: Owns sausage dogs, which he loves very much. “Extinction of sausage dogs?” he’s said, “I will prevent that! When I’m back in England I am gonna buy 900 of them. I am gonna prevent them from downfall.”

7. Boundary-testing

Ramsay: Parades Reek before a horrified Sansa at dinner: this is the man she believes murdered her two brothers.
Liam: Forgot to buy a house so didn’t go on an American tour in 1995. Returned three days later, but Noel left soon after.

8. Aptitude for silliness

Ramsay: 0/10.
Liam: Doing helium. “Who wants it? I’m mad for it!”

Trying to pull down Damon Albarn’s pants at a charity football match

This, too:

9. Destructiveness

Ramsay: Infiltrates Theon’s Ironborn and kills them all. Flays any who resist. Infiltrate’s Stannis’ camp and kills them all. Flays any who resist.

Liam: After being arrested for being drunk and disorderly on a ferry to Amsterdam in 1994, Liam said, “They locked me in a room with a mattress and a bucket. I’d been drinking and was pissing like a twat. It was swilling about.” He’d apparently been shouting at police, “It’ll take 10 of you to take me down!”

10. Popularity

Ramsay: Global, feared hate figure throughout the fictional realm of Westeros (and the real world too).
Liam: National Treasure.