Exclusive Album Stream – Solar Year, ‘Waverly’

Waverly, the title of Solar Year’s debut means “quaking aspen”. What the hell is that? Well, you should probably make time to Google Image Search it ‘cos it’s a stunning tree. Massive, golden and very beautiful, it’s found in Canada, home also to David Ertel and Ben Borden AKA Solar Year. You might know their song ‘Brotherhood‘ they made with Grimes (they also hail from the Arbutus cradle).

Here’s some background from the Ertel and Borden.

Most of the album was recorded in a church. The building is a Buckminster Fuller-esque architectural mashup of a mall, space ship, and sacred space. We called it Spaceship Church. Our photograph of the altar is the cover of Waverly LP.

This space and the surrounding area inspired our recording process. We were surrounded by the sea on one side, gusty mountains on the other, the earth below, and the high sun and auroras above. So we made a conscious effort to develop an “elemental” and introspective sound palette to evoke our unmediated exposure to these basic life forces

The album is coming out in Europe on Splendour and on Ceremony in the US. Photos: Tonje Thilesen