Exclusive Album Stream – Swim Deep, ‘Where The Heaven Are We’

Austin Williams of Swim Deep introduces their debut album ‘Where The Heaven Are We’:

“I had a bit of a vision about the album, actually. Not about the way it sounds, more of a general feeling. The only way I can describe it is like a tiny coloured stars beaming from inside a cloud, and they’re beaming out prism colours.

“It’s a collection of everything we wrote over the last year. It feels like a long time, but all the songs were written in Zach’s shed using the same equipment, the same synths and guitars. Francisco was the first track we did and ‘She Changes The Weather’ was the last. I think it’s the most evolved track on there. It’s got the same feeling, but we’ve all evolved musically and got less narrow-minded and got more creative over the year, so there’s just more to it.


“There’s a vibration running through the album, a feel-good vibe, a positive take on music. I think we got bored of sad music and people moaning about shit. You need some pump in your veins. I feel bad for people who don’t do what they love, who hate what they do. I feel frustrated on their behalf. This album is for them.”

‘Where The Heaven Are We’ is out on Monday 5th August and you can pre-order it here