Exclusive: Darlia, ‘Dear Diary’ – Track Premiere

Blackpool three-piece Darlia have been NME Radar favourites since 2013: a trio of snotty, disdainful youths who toss out scuzzy, filthy riffs polished with radio-friendly hooks and frontman Nathan Day’s ‘don’t-give-a-fuck’ sneer. As last year’s ‘Knock Knock’ EP proved, Darlia have that Nirvana-like knack for mixing pop melodies with dirty noise and dark thoughts.

Today, we’ve got a premiere of their new single ‘Dear Diary’ (released July 7). “I can be your pretty little dear diary, you can tell me all your secrets,” leers Day over a grizzly, low-slung rumble, but it’s an invitation which feels more dangerous and snarky than it does comforting. Trusting Darlia might be a massive folly – trouble is, can you resist? Listen below: