Exclusive Frank Turner’s ‘Poetry Of The Deed’ Tracklisting

Yes! Frank Turner‘s new album is coming out soon, and the tracklisting is revealed below. Clickety!

Frank Turner, ‘Poetry Of The Deed’
1. Live Fast Die Old
2. Try This At Home
3. Dan’s Song
4. Poetry Of The Deed
5. Isabel
6. The Fastest Way Back Home
7. Sons Of Liberty
8. The Road
9. Faithful Son
10. Richard Divine
11. Sunday Nights
12. Our Lady Of The Campfire
13. Journey Of The Magi

It’s out on Xtra Mile/Epitaph on September 7, and will be preceded by a single on August 31. Stay tuned (tuned? Bookmarked? Logged on?) to NFTU because Frank will be providing us with a rather nice tour diary while he’s travelling around the States with The Offspring, no doubt trying not to lose his shit and grab the mic when ‘Self Esteem’ happens.