Exclusive! Hear Haim’s Awesome Fleetwood Mac Cover, ‘Hold Me’

We’re delighted to premiere Haim’s contribution to the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute album ‘Just Tell Me That You Want Me’ – though strictly speaking this track only appears on the digital version. The forthcoming record features Lykke Li (who covered ‘Silver Springs’), Best Coast (who covered ‘Rhiannon’), The Kills (who covered ‘Dreams’) and more.

Haim chose ‘Hold Me’ from Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 album ‘Mirage’ – which also yielded the single ‘Gypsy’. It’s easy to see why the three sisters gravitated towards ‘Hold Me’. With a jaunty piano vamp, a killer guitar solo and layered harmonies, it’s right up Haim’s street.

The girls have taken a mellower stance. The hammy piano is replaced by a deep bass grove, and the guitars have been updated. The blissed out harmonies remain, and lines such as “I don’t want no damage, but how am I going to manage with you?” sound even sweeter when coming from young voices. Don’t worry, the guitar solo’s still there too- only a little scrappier, and with a little more feedback. It’s rough around the edges, but in the best kind of way.

If you’ve seen Haim live, of course, you’ll have heard their coruscating cover of a Fleetwood Mac track from an earlier era, the bluesy ‘Oh Well’. Let’s hope they release that one day too. In the mean time, enjoy ‘Hold Me’.

Not familiar with Haim? Well, they’re from Los Angeles and they’re kind of amazing. Read more about them here.