Exclusive Kevin Devine Video – ‘Brother’s Blood’

Brooklyn folk-punk troubadour Kevin Devine’s been over in the UK for a short jaunt, and the good people at ChasingSafety.co.uk captured him on video at his instore at Banquet Records exclusively for NFTU. Check out his performance of the stunning tile track of his new album ‘Brother’s Blood’.

Go to the BSM Records online shop to buy the CD, and pick up a couple of other gems while you’re there. May we recommend the new Tupolev Ghost EP, the Talons seven-inch and the new Adebisi Shank album. If buy and subsequently dislike ANY of these records Kevin Douch, the BSM-honcho will personally email you and apologise for wasting his life’s work. That is, if he has a spare minute between conducting massive business deals and buying and selling stocks and shares.

Sorry Kev. That’s a joke. Not about the personal email thing, though. Moral of the story: go buy stuff from BSM and keep one of our most valuable resources (that’s homegrown DIY labels who continue to serve us with the best new music around) alive.