Exclusive Marina And The Diamonds And Spector Remixes

We’ve got some big remixes to share with you today. First one on the table is from producer/DJ/Promoter Tom Staar, who turned the latest Marina And The Diamonds single ‘Radioactive’ into a major club thumper, and you can nab it for free below (exclusively on NME.com).

This remix can be found in the official single bundle on iTunes (which you can pre-order here)

“I wrote ‘Radioactive’ in New York in the middle of a heat wave,” Marina says of the song. “Introduced to a glittering new nightlife, I fell in love with New York; it has this magic, fizzing white energy that no other city in the world has. I felt happy and was inspired to write a song that felt light and euphoric, a more streamlined, minimalistic style of songwriting.”

We’ve also got an exclusive download of a remix from grungy goth-ites S.C.U.M., who have molded Spector’s single ‘What You Wanted’ into a grimier, scratchier model.

Give it a spin below:


And check out the original here:


What’s your verdict on these remixes?