Exile On Worthy Farm: What We Want From The Rolling Stones At Glastonbury

Praise the Lord! (Or maybe the Devil) My years of fervent prayer have finally paid off and Mick, Keef, Charlie and Ronnie are pulling on their wellies and heading for Pilton. But can their performance possibly live up to the weight of expectation after all these years of build-up? Is ‘Satisfaction’ guaranteed? Will every portaloo on site end up covered in Beggars Banquet style graffiti? Here’s what we’re hoping for:

1‘Little Red Rooster’

The only blues song to ever top the UK singles chart, and what could be more fitting now they’ve finally made it to Worthy Farm?

2A (hopefully ironic) performance of ‘Rain Fall Down’

One of the better tracks from their last full studio album ‘A Bigger Bang’. Let’s face it – it’ll probably be fitting. Jagger knows the score. Speaking to the NME about Glastonbury earlier this year, he said: “But is it going to be rainy on the Sunday? Isn’t it nearly always rainy on the Sunday?”

3Bumping into Keith at the stone circle at 4am

Forget the Pyramid Stage, this is his spiritual home. But then, they are all getting on a bit – maybe a secret gig in the healing fields would be more fitting.

4Wisely-chosen guest stars

Personally I’d be quite happy to see the Stones do a full set unassisted by anyone else – when you’re the greatest rock’n’roll band who ever lived, why waste time with anyone else? However, the NME office disagree. Deputy Editor Eve Barlow says: “I would really like Lady Gaga to reappear and do that half hour version of Gimme Shelter with nail talons longer than her hair extensions (which were very long)”. News Editor Dan Stubbs describes Florence’s guest spot at last year’s O2 shows as “one of the highlights” while Lucy Jones has a more ‘Leftfield’ suggestion (In many senses of the word). She wants Mr Glastonbury himself, Billy Bragg, to be called up to do his cover of early Stones classic ‘She Smiled Sweetly’.

5Hell’s Angels

Dan Stubbs insists that only employing a gang of motocycle outlaws as security will give the show a true “Altamont vibe”, but I’m not sure that the gig that heralded the death of the Sixties dream (and an actual murder) is something the Eavii will want to repeat…

6Keith to crack out some real oldies while Mick has a rest

For the uninitiated it’s Stones tradition for Jagger to go off and give his hips a well-deserved break half way through the show. At this point Keith gets to sing a couple of tunes, and earlier today The Stones’ official YouTube channel posted a video of him doing the old Hoagy Carmichael standard ‘The Nearness Of You’. If he plays this I for one will be in floods of tears.

7Hit follows hit follows hit

Mark Beaumont has written in these pages before about the circumstances and setlist which would make the ultimate Rolling Stones gig, but suffice to say they could easily play straight hits for three hours. The downside is they can’t play everything: Dan Stubbs is still smarting that they didn’t play ‘Wild Horses’ when he saw them at the O2, so he’s desperate to hear that.

8Riffs that’ll shake Glastonbury Tor

When we spoke to him last Christmas, Keith picked out ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ as his personal favourite, (“It just floats there, baby”) but there’s just so many to choose from. Personally, I’m hoping for ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ – hearing it emerge out of the darkness at their O2 show in 2007 is still the most exhilarating sound I’ve ever heard live.

9Another option

Reviews Editor Tom Howard says: “I’d like someone really good to be headlining another stage so I don’t have to go and see them.” There really is no pleasing some people is there? Still, one of Glastonbury’s joys is that there’s always something else to do.

10Just the Best Live Band in the world doing what they do best

Accepting the award for Best Live Band at the NME Awards last month, Ronnie Wood put it best: “It’s got to be fucking live, baby!”