Experience The Wonder Of Virtual Reality With Google Cardboard In This Week’s Magazine

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm. From interactive video games to mind-melting music videos, user experiences like no other have been created across the globe by harnessing new revolutionary technology. And there’s one that you can try out for free with Google Cardboard in this week’s NME.

By picking up this week’s magazine, you’ll be able to experience the wonder and history of the legendary recording studio Abbey Road with Google Cardboard. This weekend, thousands of Cardboards will be distributed in select cities* with this week’s copy of NME, and for those unfamiliar with the technology assistants will be on hand to help. The Cardboard viewers will be distributed from Thursday 29th September – Saturday 1st October in London, and regional locations outside of the capital will be distributed on Friday.

For those wondering what the Inside Abbey Road Cardboard app might involve, here’s a little taster… You’ll be taken on a guided tour by legendary record producer Giles Martin and then left to wander the three impressive studio spaces. You can nosy around Studio 1, where the soundtracks to classic films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Raiders Of The Lost Ark were scored. Or Studio 2, the space that became a second home to some of Britain’s most revered musicians such as The Beatles. And last but not least Studio 3, where you’ll find the mirrored drum room that was utilised by Pink Floyd on ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’.

This truly spectacular experience gives you the chance to feel what it’s like to step inside Abbey Road, and discover how it has remained one of music’s most innovative and influential spaces. You don’t want to miss out on that, surely?

*”Selected NME distribution points only. Limited cardboards available, one per person.