Fact MSTRKRFT Remix & Dead Weather Done By Diplo – Free MP3s

Fact are from Japan. They hide behind masks.


They make emo, but emo in the traditional sense when it still meant emotional hardcore. And to that they add in metal, prog-hardcore and whatever their beserk minds feel next. Like this


Weirdly, this has attracted the attention of a load of electro types for remixes, including Autokratz, Steve Aoki, and Toronto punks MSTRKRFT, who gave us this mix of ‘Los Angeles’.

Download MSTRKRFT‘s remix of Los Angeles here
(Right click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)

Fact’s UK tour starts on September 11th in London. MySpace has the deets. MSTRKRFT gave us an amazing track recently – archived here. They’re on a North American tour before coming to Reading & Leeds in August. Wow – finding that out just made my day a lot better.

In a completely unrelated matter, Three Trapped Tigers (the subject of my first ever DD post) just finished the video for their new single. I love the bit when it all slows down for the old guy cruising on his moped.

Also on the net: If you’re not already subscribed to the RCRD LBL blog I suggest you RSS it up ASAP. Today they gave away a Diplo mix of The Dead Weather, and that kind of sums up the quality on offer.

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