Failsafe Won’t Fail

If you’re looking for new, young exciting British bands then Failsafe are, well, precisely that.

They’ve honed their live set to a laser-sharp explosion of soaring choruses and gloriously crunchy riffs all topped off with a real experimental edge – if you want proof, check out ‘Fire At Will’…

…and the brilliant video for ‘Hope’, which has been all over MTV2 like a rash…

Y’see, what makes them such a genuinely thrilling band isn’t just the fact they write brilliant songs in an age where dumping a few guitars on a poppy chorus is considered to be ‘rock’, but the sheer verve and passion with which they perform them. I first saw them playing to roughly seven people in a grotty pub in Canterbury and they just slayed – a couple of years of touring with the likes of A Wilhelm Scream and Sonic Boom Six have turned them into a truly dangerous beast.

Of course, when I say dangerous I actually mean brilliant, but that’s essentially the same thing, isn’t it? They’ll be playing a few shows in February but then they head off to Europe to make more friends. And they’re still doing the rounds in the sweatboxes of Britain, so when you do go see them – and you will, because you’re not an idiot – you’ll be eyeball-to-eyeball with ‘em.

You lucky people.