Fake Blood – A Wise Guy

As it turns out, feeling sorry for yourself and lounging around in your pants doesn’t actually conquer man flu (I know, shock horror right?). So instead of pitying our germy self, Freakscene instead tried to kick certain death via an alternative remedy of listening to thumping club music to scare the sickness from our weary bones.

Did it work? Of course not, that would be absurd. However, said exercise did expose us to the ecclesial genius that is Theo Keating.

Now, Theo’s back catalogue works as a pick ‘n’ mix of musical treats to say the least. Back in the 90’s he was one half of hip-hop band The Wiseguys – you know, they did that catchy song you secretly liked from the Budweiser advert? The one with the frogs…and crocodile…no?! Maybe it was just us.

Approaching music like a schizophrenic in a hall of mirrors, Keating appears unfulfilled with a single persona, and since The Wiseguys has made music under all manner of guises. There’s his DIY dance fodder as DJ Touché, as well as his altogether dissimilar outfit The Black Ghosts, where Keating and former Simian vocalist Simon Lord make stunning electronic tunes somewhere between Hot Chip and Justice.

Oh yeah, and in between all of this, Keating must’ve woke up one morning and thought ‘I suppose another face wouldn’t hurt’, and started remixing everyone from Calvin Harris to Gossip as grindcore virtuoso Fake Blood.

For a long while there was an online witch hunt to find out who Fake Blood actually was, and even now there is an aura of mystique around Keating’s latest endeavour, as the hard line from his PR is ‘Fake Blood doesn’t do press’. No pictures, no interviews, nothing.

And to be fair, why would he? Keating’s established Fake Blood as one of the most in vogue electro DJs on the circuit, with the ambiguity of his character only ever heightening the romance of his sets.

Forever on the road, either alone or with pal Annie Mac, the man sure knows how to turn any song into a bass laden anthem, regularly sending crowds into delirium by hacking up popular music and injecting his own filthy electro sound – like a dirty Doctor Frankenstein.