Fake Laugh Soundtrack Your Attempts To Impress Your Crush On ‘I Made A Sound’ (NME Premiere)

“Maybe it’s slightly about trying to get someone’s attention or endear yourself to someone,” says Kamran Khan of Fake Laugh‘s new song ‘I Made A Sound’. We’ve all been there – eagerly trying to make someone you fancy or think is cool to regard you with a similarly high opinion, but trying to make it look like you’re not trying at all. Often, it’s an endeavour that falls flat on its face. You’re transparent, uncool, desperate.

Whether Khan’s attempts in real life were successful or not, in song form they’re more than enough to not only make you pay attention to him, but also be very, very endeared. Under the Fake Laugh moniker over the last few years, he’s made winningly endearing indie-pop his thing. ‘Ice‘, from the EP of the same name, mixed rushing, fuzzed-up guitars with Khan’s distinctive coos, while ‘Birdsong Lullaby‘ was a simple and swooning cut. ‘I Made A Sound’ is more in the vein of the latter; sparkling, tremulous guitar lines weaving beneath Khan’s promises of “I would be truthful if I could do“. It’s satin smooth and another step up from an ever-improving one to watch.

‘I Made A Sound’ is taken from the ‘Great Ideas’ EP, released digitally on October 7. Fake Laugh headline London’s The Waiting Room on October 20.