Family Guy’s Daft Punk Parody Wasn’t As Good As Their Simpsons Cameo

Family Guy‘s really showing its age these days. Where are its teeth? They’re nowhere to be seen in this clip from the most recent episode, a cutaway to helmeted French electro duo Daft Punk.

Brian, pretending to be someone else’s pet, calls the ‘job’ “a pretty sweet gig – like being a member of Daft Punk”. We then see the pair, already helmeted and in their basement, with one of them having just discovered a Casio keyboard. They play the instrument’s demo track; a mailman arrives and delivers a Grammy. “You know it’s funny,” says one to the other in Family Guy‘s stock cod accent. “Until you spoke I did not know we were Franch!”

It’s the kind of lifeless flab that makes you long for the days of Peter’s ridiculous fantasy world, or when it shoehorned in some Right Said Fred lyrics, just ’cause. These days its cutaways are the animated equivalent of pointing at a cultural figure, nudging you, and saying “This thing is known for that.” Eyebrows raised, cautious smile – “Right?”

Ever the appropriate comparison, The Simpsons took a punt at a Daft Punk reference in 2012 – a nadir year for the Simpsons, some say – but totally nailed the mockery of Daft Punk’s various lyrics by placing one of the pair in the shoes of the show’s pre-existing funk-bomb Disco Stu. See both clips below.