You need to see these Photoshops of famous musicians hanging out with their younger selves

Digital artist Ard Gelinck does the musical time-warp

The mark of a true musical icon is an ability to stand the test of time. Whether it’s a graceful ageing, or an ability to remain frozen in time, Dorian Gray style, celebs have an uncanny ability to age in a way that makes us normies look like fleshy potato sacks. Probably all the money, in fairness.

For some stars, though, their image is fixed at a number of points. Whether it’s their child actor beginnings, their teenage rebellion phase, the mid-twenties boom or their grey-around-the-edges twilight years, for those growing up in the public eye, there’s numerous snapshots to their timeline.

Digital artist Ard Gelinck knows this better than most. Through his carefully-constructed Photoshops, Gelinck recuts images of famous musicians, actors and beyond, positioning the present-day stars alongside their former faces, as if they were hanging out together to this day.


At times it’s eerie, at others it’s heartwarming – sometimes, it’s just downright cool. Below, we’ve rounded up a bunch of our favourite stars as reimagined by Gelinck, captured both in youth and beyond.

Justin Timberlake

From noodle-noggin to beanie-bonce.


Few people have had as many iconic looks as Our Madge…

David Bowie


… but if anyone could give her a run for her money, it’s Bowie.

Janet Jackson

Sorry Miss Jackson, oooooh.

Amy Winehouse

While she might forever be frozen in time as her beehive-barnetted mid-20s self, this is a touching tribute to Amy’s everlasting youth.

Robbie Williams

Take that, Father Time.


To be honest, we’re struggling to tell the difference.

Bruce Springsteen

From Bruce to Boss.

Whitney Houston

Another icon whose image is one for the history books, whichever decade you choose.

George Michael

Wham, bam, thank you… mum, for the impeccable genes.

Freddie Mercury

Eat your heart out Rami Malek.