Fan Of Liam Gallagher? Apparently You’re Right-Wing: 10 Of The Weirdest YouGov Music Fan Profiles

YouGov, the market research firm with absolutely nothing to do with the government, has created a profiler which is driving the internet bananas today. It’s addictive, bizarre, nonsensical, sometimes accurate and mostly hilarious. For example. did you know the average Lana Dey Rey fan is likely to favour curry and chips above all other meals? Or that the average Liam Gallagher reads the Financial Times? And exhibits personality traits such as cruelty and co-dependence? Hmmm. Here’s 10 of the funniest findings.

Grimes fans love Tuscan Bean Stew


Taylor Swift fans are likely to sympathise with the views of UKIP voters

Formula 1 is the chosen sport for Arctic Monkeys fans

If you love Liam Gallagher, you’re likely to own a cat


Morrissey fans can’t get by without a can of Fanta

Most Royal Bloodophiles are men in their 50s who love Sudoku

Love Björk? You probably own a Fat Face jumper

Bonophiles are most likely to wear Crocs

Beyoncé’s fanbase has great taste in pudding: yule log

Lana Del Rey lovers are into boxing. Who knew?

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