Fancy A Chat With Shia LaBeouf? You Can Call Him Right Now As Part Of His New Art Project

Shia LaBeouf’s doing another brilliantly weird art project, and this time he’s in the UK.

Following the 60-hour #AllMyMovies marathon that had him cringing at his Transformers 3 role, this project is more personal. It’s called #TOUCHMYSOUL, and anyone can ring up him and his two mates for a natter. Visitors can go and see it live at the Fact Museum in Liverpool, or watch via the silent livestream of the event (below).

There’s also an enormous collaborative Google Document which people are adding random comments to all the time, but so many people are using it that it no longer really functions. Some of its best lines, from fans and LaBeoufs alike, include the philosophical “how are we supposed to live when all we do is keep dying?”; the restrained “love you so much.ooooh, oh my god *giggles*”; and, of course, the wonderful “just do it.”

The whole thing looks like a bit of a mess. Time will tell whether it will be added to LaBeouf’s works of artistic genius. If you fancy, call him now on +44 (0)151 808 0771 and let us know how you get on – you have until Sunday.