Gamers are loving the New Donk City level of Super Mario Odyssey

Welcome to the city that never leaps

Mario is back in the long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey, travelling across the world on the Odyssey (a ship shaped like his trademark hat), trying to save Princess Peach from marrying Bowser.

Released for Nintendo Switch, the game has been a massive hit amongst both critics and fans who have praised the depth of play and the huge amount of attention to detail. With tons of throwbacks to the earlier games blended in with loads of new features, some are saying it’s one of the best ever Mario games.

But one thing that has been picked as a real stand out moment is New Donk City. “The city that never leaps” is based, unsurprisingly; on New York City; with veteran Mario character ‘Pauline’ (yes, Pauline, the woman Mario recued in the original Donkey Kong games) appearing as the mayor. And fans are bloody loving it.


Players are giving it high praise across the board:


And enjoying the unique addition of humans in the game:

Fans are also loving the sly references to Donkey Kong games – with all the streets in New Donk City being named after Donkey Kong characters (there’s a Rambi Street, Squawks Park and Tiny’s Piroshkis):

And some fans are just questioning the most important things:

You always make it there, you make it anywhere, it’s up to you, New Donk, New Donk.