These fans reckon Taylor Swift’s new single sounds a lot like Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’

Ah Sundays. The day where you can afford to watch a string of classic films on the box (cheers, Jumanji), forget all the impending responsibilities for the coming week or tuck into a lovely roast dinner. It was, after all, the day the Lord dedicated for rest. Rest up we did.

Taylor Swift, meanwhile, had no such plans. So while you were tucking into your third Yorkey – she only went and dropped a new single ‘…Ready For It?’, the next taster of her controversial forthcoming album ‘Reputation’. To answer your question, Taylor, no, we were nowhere near ready.

From the off – it’s a noticeable marked departure from lead single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, which thrived on mysterious lyrics, trappy beats and, er, a little bit of Right Said Fred. The song was so talked about it spawned one of the biggest videos of the year, broke all kinds of records and even inspired a weird theory linking Swift and Arya Stark of Game of Thrones.

This time, Taylor’s opted for a more straight up, radio-friendly pop formula ie: this one has a distinct, and crystal clear chorus.

And as people began to live with the song, a distinct line of thought popped up – ‘This sounds a hell of a lot like Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’. Kanye West, famously, has had a pretty up-and-down relationship with the singer – so no wonder people were pretty shocked by the song’s potential influence from Yeezy.

But you have to remember, Taylor’s fanbase are pretty dedicated – so the new direction was welcome.

Either way, this certainly won’t be the last we hear about this…