Fans Give Their Verdict On Green Day’s ‘Revolution Radio’

Green Day‘s 12th studio album is one of the most anticipated releases of the second half of the year, so it’s no surprise Twitter has exploded with opinion since ‘Revolution Radio‘ became available today (October 7). For a band who’ve had a rough time over the past few years, with frontman Billie Joe Armstrong going to rehab and their last three albums not quite hitting the mark, their new release could either tarnish their legacy or elevate them back up to giddy heights. The internet seems in agreement it’ll be the latter.

There were lots of emotional, happy fans this morning

The release of ‘Revolution Radio’ seems to have provoked a lot of deep feelings. Twitter is awash with crying emojis and big proclamations of love, like this lot.

The general consensus is the band are back on form

Forget ‘¡Uno!‘, ‘¡Dos!‘ and even ‘¡Tre!‘. The band’s new album more than makes up for those blips in their back catalogue according to these fans.

It’s so good it’ll make you lose the ability to type

It seems the record does come with a few side effects though. As well as being unable to contain your emotions, you might lost the ability to type real words, as these souls demonstrate.

And making you forget how old you are

Old enough to remember listening to Green Day’s prime cuts when they were first released? ‘Revolution Radio’ will apparently make you forget that aching in your knees and remember what it was like being young and carefree. That can only be a good thing.

There were still a few haters though…

As with anything, there’ll always be some negative voices amongst the happiness. Are they valid criticisms or just joyless sniping?