Fans React To The Shock Ending Of Last Night’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

Game of Thrones made its comeback to UK screens last night with an episode jam-packed with twists, turns and of course, murder. The show’s closing moments have got tongues wagging though as fans try to work out – SPOILER ALERT – is Melisandre actually an old lady?

As she removed her necklace whilst undressing for a night at Castle Black, we were left with the shocking revelation that her red hair was in fact withered and grey, and that she was actually a lot older than she looks to others. About 70 years older.

Fans are speculating whether this was purely to do with her necklace, or if she is losing her faith in the magic that predicted Stannis would win the Battle Of Winterfell. Either way, it was a typically shocking ending to the first episode of Series 6 – and we’ve got no books to lean on for an answer now, so we really will have to wait and find out what on earth is going on there.

Fans were pretty shocked by the revelation

But of course, the jokes followed swiftly

A few also pointed the resemblance to The Shining

One even outed Melisandre as ‘Becky with the good hair’, the alleged mistress hinted to on Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

You tell us Iñigo – because we have no idea